Norfolk Pastures was formed more than 20 years ago, and is now a market leader for premium dust extracted hay and straw which is grown on the family farm in Norfolk. We select grass varieties specifically for small animals and we process and package all of our hay and straw in a way that puts the health and welfare of small animals first. Traceability and quality control are key to growing, harvesting and packaging hay and straw to ensure there are no ‘nasty bits’ or dust and fungal spores. Our bespoke technology for dust extraction and our care during the planting, growing and harvesting processes achieves a consistent high standard throughout our product portfolio and secures us an excellent level of repeat custom.



We initially started out with the aim of diversifying our existing farming business and quickly saw that there was a demand for good quality hay and straw. That was over 20 years ago. Since then Norfolk Pastures’ has grown to become one of the main producers of quality dust extracted hay and straw in the country. The company has evolved into a large production unit with automated machinery and bespoke technology and techniques that produces a premium dust extracted hay and barley straw.



As we are a farmer-owned British business customers have peace of mind that products with the Norfolk Pastures name have been sourced, grown and packaged by one team from one location. British farming has some of the highest standards in the world and together with Norfolk Pastures’ innovative approach to dust extraction and quality control, the result is a premium and pure hay and straw which is not only great value for money but also has great health benefits for small animals too.

Our 650-acre family farm in the heart of the Norfolk countryside also grows wheat, sugar beet, and barley. The Norfolk Pastures strong ‘hands-on’ approach along with our drive and ambition makes our high level of quality difficult for other brands to match. Here on the farm we manage every stage of production, right through from growing the hay and straw to packing and distribution.



Visit our Animal Health page for more information or enter your pet's details into our Small Animal Health Planner, which we recently developed to help owners of small animals, by reminding you of key dates for vaccinations etc and emailing you other health and welfare tips for your pet.