Where can I buy Norfolk Pastures products?

To find your nearest stockist, simply enter your postcode into our store locator Where to buy.

What does Norfolk Pastures do?

Norfolk Pastures specialises in premium quality dust extracted hay, barley straw and wood shavings for small animals.  Our company manages every stage of production, right through from growing the hay and straw to packing and distributing it from our working family farm in Norfolk. Our close involvement with the entire production process ensures an extremely high standard of quality. This has enabled us to build an excellent reputation and repeat custom.

We currently produce and supply the following products which come in a variety of pack formats for the small animal market:


  • Dust Extracted Hay
  • Barley Straw
  • Wood Shaving Bedding
  • Herbs and Hay

Can I buy the products I need from your website or your shop?

We do not sell direct to customers but we do have strong relationships with a large number of wholesalers, retailers and various online shops to ensure that our products are stocked in shops nationwide. Please use our Store Locator to find your nearest stockist. If you are a wholesaler or retailer and would like to contact us please complete your details on our contact us page.

What types of products does Norfolk Pastures grow and distribute?

Here at Norfolk Pastures we grow and distribute Dust Extracted Hay, Barley Straw, Wood Shaving Bedding and Herbs & Hay. We select varieties of Timothy, Cocksfoot, Yorkshire Fogs, Fescues and other meadow grasses for our hay to give a variety of tastes and textures to help reduce boredom and to give the best health benefits. Only Barley Straw is used for our straw due to its softness.

What does dust extracted mean?

Products labelled as dust extracted have been processed using dust extraction technology to remove dust and fungal spores which can be damaging to a small animal’s health. We have used our own bespoke technology and machinery for this process.

How is Norfolk Pastures hay and straw good for my small animal?

Our hay and straw is British farmed and distributed meaning it has travelled a short distance from field to hutch so it has minimal handling and has had adequate storage and good quality control. It is dust extracted so there are no dust or fungal spores and it is what small animals such as rabbits need as part of a well-balanced diet. We only package Barley straw because unlike Wheat straw which is brittle and sharp, Barley straw is favoured for its softness and is less likely to damage small animals’ eyes.

What makes good hay and straw?

Good hay will be green not brown, it should smell sweet, be fresh, dry and dust extracted. The greener in colour the hay the closer it is nutritionally to grass.  Any hay that is damp in its packaging will smell unpleasant, look brown and could be damaging to your animal’s health. As for straw, the use of barley straw is better because it is soft and will not damage a small animal’s eyes. Wheat straw is brittle and sharp and can cause harm to eyes.

The checklist:

  • Look out for products labelled as dust extracted. These have had the dust and fungal spores which can be damaging to a rabbits health removed.
  • Well packaged and carefully stored hay and straw stays fresher for longer.
  • British Farmed hay & straw offers the best quality. It offers you peace of mind that it has been grown to British standards and will have travelled a shorter distance from field to shop.
  • Hay should be green and not brown. If you can see the hay through the packaging then this is a good way to check before buying.
  • Look for products with good quality control measures in place and that have good reviews from other customers. Good quality hay and straw has no ‘nasty bits’ which can be damaging to your animal’s health.

How much hay should I feed to my small animal?

You should aim to give your small animal 1 to 2 handfuls of hay per day and always ensure they have plenty of fresh and clean water available to them.

How often should I change the straw or wood shavings?

Straw and wood shavings should be changed at least once every week.

How much hay and straw should I buy at a time?

Always ensure that you have one bag open and another waiting unopened at the same time. You may not always be able to get your preferred hay and/or straw as soon as you run out so always leave yourself plenty of time to buy new supplies and have plenty bought in. Always give some thought to not buying too much as you don’t want to be storing hay and/or straw for long periods of time and also give some thought to where you should store your hay and/or straw. It should be stored out of direct sunlight and not stored in a damp place.

How should hay and straw be stored?

To maintain its freshness for longer, try and keep it wrapped up or in a storage container in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

What Herbs are in the Five a Day Herbs & Hay?

Red Clover, Marigold, Dandelion, Mint and Lemon Balm.

Can I put the whole Five a Day Herbs & Hay box in with my rabbit?

Yes the box is completely safe to put in with your rabbit, just pop out the circle on the front and release the Herbs & Hay.

What are the benefits of the Five a Day Herbs & Hay box?

It is an excellent boredom breaker as well as a nutritious treat. The rabbits tend to play with the box before chewing open. Inside, the hay is our premium dust extracted blend as well as 5 different types of herbs.