Here at Norfolk Pastures a huge amount of time and effort goes into ensuring that the taste, texture and overall quality of the hay and straw we grow are of a high standard. Starting from when we source our unique blend of seed varieties. Our involvement continues right through to when the dust extraction and packaging take place.


Over the years, our company has reacted to increasing consumer demand for dust extracted products. However, it is not just our dust extraction process that adds quality to our products. It is rare to find a producer and distributor of hay and straw that is farmer-owned and this is what stands us apart from the rest of the market.

Our close management of the growing and harvesting processes means that our products are guaranteed to reach a high standard and provide customers with peace of mind.



We believe in using only the best varieties for our products to give the best possible nutrition and these together with our bespoke techniques for dust extraction and quality control measures, make a truly premium hay and straw.

Our machines have been designed to remove dust and fungal spores and our metal detection technology ensures anything like wire or drinks cans do not find their way into our packaged products.



Once harvested, the hay and straw is stored for over three months to ensure that any parasites that may carry the Myxomatosis disease that is widespread nationally have their life cycle broken. The risk of this contagious disease spreading is therefore eliminated.  We then dust extract and shred the hay and straw before packaging it ourselves and distributing to stockists nationwide from our farm in Norfolk.

“We take great pride in the fact that we handle every stage of the production process because this is how we achieve our premium level of quality and this is what stands us apart from other brands. British farming has some of the highest standards in the world. Being a British brand and being able to offer good traceability for our products, means that customers can get the goodness of British meadow hay with added peace of mind that it has been dust extracted and processed in a way that adds quality and value for money.”

William Dyer, Managing Director of Norfolk Pastures.

William with Rabbit